Starting CBT

Firstly, just let me point out CBT may not be for me, not that it doesn’t work, or is harmful this is my experience based on one session. Yesterday after a long wait, I had my first session. This was really an introduction and the practitioner basically went into what was what and described someContinue reading “Starting CBT”

OH meeting today.

Occupational health meeting today to see what reasonable adjustments can be made.

I’ve not done much work, I’m not able to settle to anything as I’m stressing about it. I have no idea what can be done, given the role I am in and what I have to be able to do. Also I’m worried that the person or people I speak to have not got the experience with Autism and cannot makes assumptions.

Or course, it may go fantastically, after all the reason for this is to enable my and my employer find ways to get the best out of my autism. I can live in hope. Can’t stop worrying though.

Losing the Mask

It’s pretty evident that I have masked my autistic behaviour pretty much all of my life, there have been meltdowns and the like but but when speaking to colleagues and friends, only one of them said “I thought so”, now in fairness he is ASC too. So I think that I have been really quiteContinue reading “Losing the Mask”

Self Awareness

I’m very reflective at the moment, looking back at my life. Maybe I’m obsessing about 1988 a bit, well a lot (I’ll try to get to that later). In general I see a lot of what I remember (mostly the negative things) and the reaction I had to the situations and seeing the Autistic traitsContinue reading “Self Awareness”

Knowing What I Need

While I listened to the specialist nurse yesterday after she gave the final diagnosis, there was a fair amount of emphasis on care for me and support. I found this confusing, I’ve “managed” up until now, hearing the fact I might need care or support felt like she was talking about someone else. I forcedContinue reading “Knowing What I Need”

I Have My Diagnosis

So I had my review today. I spoke with the specialist nurse and went through the report. correcting mainly grammatical errors, with a couple of additions and correction on points. I also got a load of resources I need to look into, for instance I was not aware of a Autism “hub”in my home town,Continue reading “I Have My Diagnosis”


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